The Band

We normally work with a mixture of German and English musicians. Here are the main guys (and gal) in the pool of musicians that we work with. Depending on the circumstances for various events you are likely to meet some of them with us on the road ...

Patrick Depuhl Patrick - Click to enlarge (Germany); Vocals & Percussion; Translator (English-German); Communicator (MA, Essen), Youth Pastor (BA, Chicago: work in "Ghetto", Youth prison and churches parallel to his studies); Speaker and consultant (for camps, seminars and workshops); Author ("Jugendarbeit kreaktiv" now 5th edition, Editor youthcalender „LIVE“, „Beflügelt“, 2007, „Arbeit mit Jugendlichen“, 2007); since 1985 in Youth- and Campwork (in Germany, Switzerland, USA, Finland, Dominican Republic) ... married to Judy since 1997.

Michael Fastenrath, Michael - Click to enlarge (Germany); Live and studio Musician: Bassist (one year study in Cologne) - Performances with Heaven Bound, Lisa Shaw, Lothar Kosse, Johannes Nitsch and others; music teacher (in diverse music schools, "Musik Aktiv Camp") ; Involvement in various Theatre and Music Projects (citytheatre, tour projects, Gospel- Childrens-Musical); in addition studies as Educator (Emphasis: Retreat and Leisure Pedagogy); most probable next canditate to get married: Greetings to Linda.

Daniel Jakobi,Daniel - Click to enlarge (Germany); Live and studio Musician: Drummer (three year study in Dinkelsb¸hl); Performances with Christoph Spendel, Hessische Rundfunk Bigband, Johannes Nitsch, Lisa Shaw; Musical Educator and Drum teacher; Guest Lecturer at the "Bundesakademie f¸r musikalische Jugendbildung" ("National Academy for Musical Education of Youth") and "Popmusic for Full-time Church Musicians"; "Musik Aktiv Camp"; various music schools; Married to Anne; BIG "Formula 1" fan.

Steve Mc Gregor, Steve - Click to enlarge

(England; Background: Jamaica); Live and studio musician: Singer-songwriter, as well as keyboarder (started playing piano at 5), Drums (at 7) and Choir Director of "Remission": British Black Gospel Choir; performed with Gloria Gaynor, Winans, Kirk Franklin, and many more; in addition, director of music, and worship leader in his church in Birmingham; Housing Trust Manager (Birmingham); Many, many highlights including: Hong Kong (2004), supporting Soehne Mannheims tour (2004), Canadian tour (2001). Father of Hannah & Benjamin, married to a rose ...

Thilo Speckmann Thilo - Click to enlarge (Germany) ; Live and studio guitar-player,studied guitar and soundengeneering, live-preformances with different christian musicians, CD Production, sounddesign and composition for radio and tv living with his family in cologne, likes to record jazzmusic and his children ("it could sometimes be the same")

Many more musicians and friends are with Judy on tour. Here are some being with us in the last years.

Roy JohnsonRoy - Click to enlarge
- Electric guitar Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, works as studio- und livemusician u.a. fü No Angles, Shaznay Lewis, Steve Thompson. You can here him on some productions of Judy

Tracy Riggans
- Vocals - wonderful voice. Some more infos later..

Gerald Lieberum, Gerald - Click to enlarge He had many concerts, tours and tv-productions (with Ron White (White Only), Anita Davis, Boysie White, Heavenbound, Nosliw) and plays since 3 years with a popular Choir (LivinGospel).

Raul D'Olivera, Raul - Click to enlarge (England; Background: Portugal); Live and studio musician: (trumpet, flugel horn, percussion, vocals); Performances, tours and studio work with Elton John, Cliff Richard, Kula Shaker, Joe Jackson, Gloria Gaynor, Pet Shop Boys, Wet, Wet, Wet, Graham Kendrick, Terence Trent D'Arby, Joan Armatrading, Wham, and MANY more; own CDs; extensive international tours on every continent; Loves sushi, futons and feels like 20 (and sure looks like it when you see him dancing!)

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