Lyrics - Lifesong


1. Mein rotes Fahrrad
2. Right There Where You Are
3. Wurzeln
4. Run Baby Run
5. Liebeslieder
6. Psalm 15 (Who Does These Things)
7. Halte mein Herz
8. Angel That Knows
9. Hallo Deutschland. Hallo Patrick
10. Moving On
11. Neue Heimat. Neue Laender. Neues Leben
12. You Are Loved
13. Kongo- Aus Verlorenheit wird doch Happiness
14. Surrounded
15. Mein Herz weinte ... und sang
16. Life Goes On
17. In Gottes Hand
18. I Am With You
19. Jesus In My House
20. God Bless You

Right There Where You Are

Remember the feelings would rise
When Iíd look in Your eyes
Your love and my infatuation
Slowly the meaning it grew
And still when You draw me to you
It fills me with endless fascination
All I need I have found in You
Lord, You lead me and everywhere You go Iíll be there

Shine out Your light to guide my heart
Iíll follow Your star
I want to be right there where You are
I will go though the road is long and hard
No matter how far
I want to be right there where You are

And all through the joy and the pain
And times when I want my own way
I know that You are always near me
It isnít the things that I do
Or even the strength of what I feel for You
As much as how You love me
Smile on me, it makes it easier
You will see my desire is to do Your will, so

And as I lay me down to sleep
Iím asking You my soul to keep
Keep me safe through the night
I want to see You in the morning light
And if I die before I wake
Iím asking You to take my soul away
Cause I only want to be where You are

Music & Lyrics: Judy Bailey
© Dyba Music

Run Baby Run

Well, itís interesting Ė
cause of all the people Iíve read about, met or seen
Itís my mother whoís my hero Ė
She really impressed me the most
There was no big advice, she didnít testify
But itís her lifeís lessons I learned
The way she lived spoke volumes to me
Though she didnít even say word

She said run baby run, run, run, run with it
But donít run away
Itís heavy sometimes but youíll be fine yeah
She gave a lot to me

She faced each day with courage and boy
I know some times were rough
But isnít it amazing what a little determination does
You can take the highs and the lows
As long as youíre living it wise
No gain in complaining
Just live this crazy life

Oh, nothing is stronger than whatís inside
No, nothing should make you give up on life
Donít let anything destroy your will to breathe
Through everything believe

This God-fearing mother of mine
Had lived long enough to see
Though there is grace and open skies
Faith is never totally doubt-free
She may never know the gift
The power she gave me on my way
Her wisdom unspoken still speaking to my life today

Music & Lyrics: Judy Bailey
© Dyba Music

Psalm 15
(Who does these things)

Who can settle upon the holy hill of the Lord
And live confidently inside his sanctuary
All who walk without blame
lift their heads without shame
Whoíre righteous in their ways
and do what God says
Theyíre gonna be steady

He who does
She who does
these things
Will never be rocked
And never be shaken
He who loves
She who loves
these things
Will never be rocked
And never be shaken

Those whoíre taming their tongue,
who donít pull others down
Who speak truth from the heart
And do right by their neighbour
Who keep their vow though it hurts
Who honour those who respect the Word
Who hate what is wrong and love what is true
God is their refuge

Music & Lyrics: Judy Bailey
© Dyba Music

Angel that knows

In the very familiar castle of my skin
Thereís a war going on and I know who will win
Still it is not easy, I get doubting sometimes
When the bombs go off and the bullets fly

There are thieves in the temple and theyíre looking for gold
Desecrating the altar, got their eyes on my soul
Can be intimidating on the shadowy side
Still the struggle is worth the trouble I find

Always will I watch and ever will I be
Standing on the Rock,
Looking out, looking in
Seeking ítil I find and searching ítil I see
The angel that knows the devil in me

Additional verse:
There are a myriad of motives when my heart is exposed
Passions oh so sneaky, got to stay on my toes
Itís a challenge I tell ya, give me strength for the fight
When my faith moves up to the firing line

Clouds of dust in the ruins, smoke is thick in my eyes
See it rising like incense on the wings of the night
But the war ainít over though the battle is done
Keep me on my guard ítil the kingdom comes

Music & Lyrics: Judy Bailey
© Dyba Music

Moving On

I know the time has come
Gonna be moving on
IĎve been hanging round here so long
Just singing the same old song

All the stories that have been told
Well thereíre all just getting old
So am I, so I must go
Before apathy kills my soul

And Iím moving on
Moving on
Moving onward whatever comes
Letting go, and travelling on
Thankful and free

I know the time has come
Gonna be moving on
Feel my heart go rum pum pum
Ride the rhythm and move along

Gonna leave the past behind
Seek another state of mind
Wonít waste energy hanging on
Thereís a future to be won

I know the time has come
Gonna be moving on
By the power of God in me
I will reach my destiny

Prize the lessons that Iíve learned
Love the grace that Iíve not earned
And In the Spirit I arise
Iím now awake, aware, alive

Music & Lyrics: Judy Bailey
© Dyba Music

You Are Loved

There are days you donít know where youíre going to
Thatís why I took the time to write this song for you
When thereís pain crowding in to claim your heart
I pray youíll always know the miracle you are

You are loved, You are loved, You are loved
You are precious, You are wanted, You are loved

And when the world seems to be a crazy place
And darkness tries to steal the light from your face
May your gaze lead you to the sky above
Remember there is truth that you can lean upon

You are loved, You are loved, You are loved
You are precious, You are wanted, You are loved

So keep these words hidden in your heart for then
And hold on to the One, you can be sure He made you well
Then let go and let His will be your embrace
The universe is Godís and you have got your place

You are loved, You are loved, You are loved
You are precious, You are wanted, You are loved

Music & Lyrics: Judy Bailey
© Dyba Music


Itís amazing just to know
Everyday, everywhere I am not alone
When Iím out there on the street
You be there, always there to keep me company

In the countryside, in the city
In the club, in the church, university
In the crowds and running solo
Like the sound coming from my stereo

Surrounded, surrounded, Oh
Surrounded, surrounded
Thousand angels praying watching oíer me

Panning out still in the zone
All the world from Barbados to the Congo
To the outcast, sick and weak
To the child on the shoulders of a desperate
mother running running refugee

Itís omnipotence on the scene
In my reality power unseen
They come, they carry me right on time
Alone is not alone when youíve got heaven on the frontline

Feel the tension coming on slow
Fifth dimension come into play
Itís protection and direction
So divine this intervention

The Omniscient knows the plot
The invisible take their spot
Heavenly hosts stand strong united
Waiting, watching, praying, fighting

Watching over you watching over me,
Watching over you now you now

Music & Lyrics: Judy Bailey
© Dyba Music

Life goes on

Hereís the fated hour
This unwelcomed time
Where thereís no pretending
Where we draw a line
Facing a truth that from now on
Defines your lifeís journey Ö and mine

One last look for the moment
I already miss your grace
I see your physical features
But itís an empty face
If ever I wondered now I know for sure
That you are in a better place

It weighs my heart, fills my head
Trust me Ė This is taking so much more
Than I could ever imagine
It rips me up, breaks me down Ė Iím torn apart
But Iím holding to the faith we share
And I am still believing

Life goes on

When this goodbyeís over
How do I go home
Ladened with my memories
And a heart like stone
I need the Lord to carry me
God knows I wonít make it on my own

It weighs my heart, fills my head
Truly this is so much harder
Than I could have ever imagined
Whyíre you looking for me here,
At what remains, you seem to say
Itís almost like youíre standing next to me
Whispering to me that

Life goes on

Music & Lyrics: Judy Bailey
© Dyba Music

I am with you

There is nothing in your life I havenít seen
Nowhere in your crazy world I havenít been
All those times you thought that you were on your own
Iíve been right with you, youíve never been alone

When your worries want to rob you of your sleep
I will cover you, I promise you Iíll be
Walking with you every step of the way
Iím your friend, your God, so do not be afraid

I am with you

When the winds around you rage and rock your boat
Iíll be sailing with you keeping you afloat
I will make a way for you across the miles
Donít give up, keep going knowing all the while

I am with you

I know your name, I feel your pain
I wonít leave, Iíll stay, Youíll be OK
Through the waters
Through the fire
You wonít drown, you wonít burn,
Iíll take you higher
Seen your tears, heard your prayers
You can trust me with them
You may bend but you wonít break
You will make it in the end

Music & Lyrics: Judy Bailey
© Dyba Music

Jesus In My House

Thank You Heavenly Father for Your love for me.
Iím forever grateful that You sacrificed Your Son.
You saved my soul and changed my destiny.
Thank You God for Jesus in me.

Iím so glad that Jesus lives in my house.
Good to know that He is here with me now.
All of my life Jesus in me, Jesus in my house.
All of my life and always will be.

Thank You for the purpose You have placed in me.
Thank You for forgiveness
And the chance to start again.
I face the future knowing I will be
Safe and sound with Jesus in me.

Music & Lyrics: Judy Bailey
© Dyba Music