2016 "ONE"
produced by Judy Bailey, Thilo Speckmann


1. Rise Like A Champion   listen

2. Hello Jesus (feat.Juri Friesen)   listen

3. Home   listen

4. Burning Brightly (feat.Marky T)   listen

5. One   listen

6. Let Love Have The Last Word   listen

7. Come On People   listen

8. Make Some Noise   listen

9. When The Walls Come Tumbling Down   listen

10. Making Me Sing   listen

11. We Believe In God (feat.21 artist)   listen

12. Pray On   listen

13. Remember We Are One   listen

14. Hold Us Together (feat.Eddi Hüneke)  listen

15. Spirit Of Freedom (feat. Metaphysics)   listen

16. Cause I Am Here - I Am Blessed   listen


2014 "Lifesong"
produced by Judy Bailey


1. Mein rotes Fahrrad   listen

2. Right There Where You Are   lyrics  listen

3. Wurzeln   listen

4. Run Baby Run   lyrics  listen

5. Liebeslieder   listen

6. Psalm 15 (Who Does These Things)   lyrics  listen

7. Halte mein Herz   listen

8. Angel That Knows   lyrics  listen

9. Hallo Deutschland. Hallo Patrick   listen

10. Moving On   lyrics  listen

11. Neue Heimat. Neue Laender. Neues Leben   listen

12. You Are Loved   lyrics  listen

13. Kongo - Aus Verlorenheit wird doch Happiness   listen

14. Surrounded   lyrics  listen

15. Mein Herz weinte ... und sang   listen

16. Life Goes On   lyrics 

17. In Gottes Hand   listen

18. I Am With You   lyrics  listen

19. Jesus In My House   lyrics  listen


2012 "Travelling"
produced by Judy Bailey


1. Been Getting Stronger   lyrics  listen
2. Getting Ready For The Ride   lyrics  listen
3. Only You   lyrics  listen
4. Angel That Knows   lyrics  listen
5. History   lyrics  listen
6. Mogadishu   lyrics  listen
7. Time For Change   lyrics  listen
8. Travelling   lyrics  listen
9. Under My Skin   lyrics  listen
10. Without You   lyrics  listen
11. Life Goes On   lyrics  listen
12. New Beginning   lyrics  listen
13. Never Let Me Down   lyrics  listen
14. Close Your Eyes   lyrics  listen


2009 "Ready To Fly"
produced by Judy Bailey


1. Ready To Fly   lyrics  listen
2. High Hopes   lyrics  listen
3. If You Feel Nothing  lyrics  listen
4. Be Strong   lyrics  listen
5. Human   lyrics  listen
6. Like I Need Air   lyrics  listen
7. There The River Runs   lyrics  listen
8. Did I Play The Sun   lyrics  listen
9. Nothing Less  lyrics  listen
10. Mad About Me  lyrics  listen
11. Reach For The Love  lyrics  listen
12. All God´s Children   lyrics  listen
13. You Are Loved   lyrics  listen
14. Jesus Is On The Move  lyrics  listen

Read To Fly

2006 "Surrounded"
produced by Judy Bailey/Markus Born


1. Inspired to serve   lyrics  listen
2. Great and mighty  lyrics  listen
3. One day  lyrics  listen
4. Get up  lyrics  listen
5. Riding round the sun   lyrics  listen
6. The Greatest thing   lyrics  listen
7.(So far so good) Medley   lyrics  listen
8. Jesus in my house   lyrics  listen
9. My god knows  lyrics  listen
10. Holding on to you  lyrics  listen
11. Never  lyrics  listen
12. Two sides   lyrics  listen
13. At a time like this  lyrics  listen
14. Surrounded  lyrics  listen


2004 "Found the sun"
produced by Stephen Emmanuel, Peter Hoff, Udo Rinkig, Florian Sitzmann

further infos will follow!


1. Found the sun   lyrics  listen
2. What I need (O lala)  lyrics  listen
3. Naked  lyrics  listen
4. Riding round the sun  lyrics  listen
5. Right here   lyrics  listen
6. Extraordinary light   lyrics  listen
7.I know   lyrics  listen
8. Lessons in life   lyrics  listen
9. Hopestop   lyrics  listen
10. What I need (urban version)   lyrics  listen
11. Reach   lyrics 
12. Praying God   lyrics  listen

Found the sun

2002 "Run to you"
produced by Lothar Kosse with Judy Bailey
(Gerth Music)

Her fifth album sparkles with creative energy, passionate Brit-Pop and intensive worship songs. No wonder, Lothar Kosse (Germany's rockiest Worship-Leader :-) had a major role as producer and arranger. But Judy also shows alot of her heart with quieter prayers and confessions to God. And of course a little Caribbean shines through ...

Judy's lyrics openly and honestly mirror her belief and her life. She sings of deep yearning for God, faith despite all difficulties and great thankfulness. Highlights: a new version of "Jesus in my house" (with live crowd from the "Cologne Worship Night") and "Jesus First", an energetic "Christival" song.

Through much international talent the album succeeds in creating space for total abandonment and "Lebensfreude" (the joy of life) as well as more intimate moments. Along with Lothar and Judy the most varied music friends were responsible for creating this artistic dimension in a most remarkable way: Roy Johnson, who was recently on tour with "No Angels" (from the German "Popstars"series), the "Söhne Mannheims" Florian Sitzmann & Ralf Gustke (who is also the drummer and musical director of "Xavier Naidoo" currently one of Germany's most renowned musicians), the Gospel-Reggae-Choir "Re:mission" from Birmingham, the outstanding and exceptional Londoner vocalist Eska Mtungwazi, as well as Daniel Jakobi, Michael Fastenrath, Steve McGregor & Patrick Depuhl from Judy's Band and Michael Janz from "Beatbetrieb".

"Run to you" - a celebration that moves you to sing, dance and to be still!


1.Jesus first (Yes I believe)   lyrics  listen
2. You care for us   lyrics  listen
3. Out of the natural   lyrics  listen
4. Fill me with fire   lyrics  listen
5. Call for mercy   lyrics  listen
6. Don't you know   lyrics  listen
7. Extra eyes   lyrics  listen
8. There's you   lyrics  listen
9. Reason to praise   lyrics  listen
10. You are   lyrics  listen
11. Jesus in my house   lyrics  listen

Run to you

1999 "The way we are" produced by Phil Madeira

"The way we are" was recorded in Nashville. It was produced by Phil Madeira, who's had wide experience with musicians such as Amy Grant, DC Talk, Garth Brooks, Charlie Peacock, the Neville Brothers etc. And the musicians got together in a studio, sat down in a circle and just played live. This spilled over and the honest songs of Judy Bailey come to life. The joy, authenticity and depth merge to form an intensive Pop-Rock mixture with Reggae and Blues influences. And the breadth of the possibilities is amazing: quiet, tender songs have their place as well as the effervescent and exciting. Not to mention the incredible backing vocals of the African born Eska Mtungwazi The jazz, soul and dance singer flavours the songs with her incomparable touch. A refreshing album between different worlds, which has turned out to be something truly special.
Some people who have loved Judy's lively music at concerts, feel the album has a rather quiet start. But the tempo definitely picks up as the album goes along. In concerts you'll have good chances of hearing "Alright OK", "Every single day", "Susi", or "The way we are". We also play some other songs from the album sometimes.


1.Just to see ya   lyrics  listen
2. Near to my God   lyrics 
3. Willing to find   lyrics 
4. Everybody can feel   lyrics 
5. Alright OK   lyrics 
6. Only free in dreams   lyrics  listen
7. Please let me in   lyrics 
8. The heart - warrior, worrier   lyrics 
9. Every single day   lyrics 
10. Susi   lyrics 
11. The way we are   lyrics 

The Way We Are

1997 "Between you and me" produced by Eddy Grant
(ASAPH Music)

"Between you and me" was an interesting experiment. The album was produced by Eddy Grant, one of Reggae's greats ("Electric Avenue", "Gimme hope Joanna" and "I don't wanna dance" are just some of his internationally renowned hits.) Eddy lives in Barbados 10 minutes walk from her parents house. So it was just a question of time for the two to meet. It's not hard to guess that "Between you and me" has more Caribbean feel than the other of Judy's albums. Some people love that. For some it's too raw. "Between you and me" and "More love" are concert classics to this day. "Songs of Freedom" was played by London's "Premier Radio" for a long time and "Sunny Day" should definitely get you into sunshine mood ...


1.Watershed   lyrics 
2. Don't just keep talking 'bout (the way it is)   lyrics 
3. Do it again   lyrics 
4. It's down to love   lyrics 
5. More love   lyrics 
6. Sunny day   lyrics 
7. Between you and me   lyrics 
8. Wheel of change   lyrics 
9. Songs of freedom   lyrics 
10. One way   lyrics 
11. Sunny Day - T'ank you Jah with Viking Tundah   lyrics 

Between You and Me

1993 "Misdemeanours after Midnight" produced by Steve Thompson
(PILA Music)

"Misdemeanours" was produced in England by Steve Thompson, who at the time was Graham Kendrick's musical director and arranger. Today he works with a large South African church and studio. He was able to get together a serious group of musicians to play on the album. The style is more arranged and more tracks are quiet. Although there are definitely some very lively ones. Especially "Can't take it anymore" and "Hidden" are concert hits to this day. People say the CD was not necessarily immediate to them but grew closer to their heart with time.


1.Can't take it anymore   lyrics 
2. Elemental   lyrics 
3. Right there where you are   lyrics 
4. Don't go away   lyrics 
5. Heart of me   lyrics 
6. Mind my moods   lyrics 
7. Vertigo   lyrics 
8. Peter, Judas, Adam or me   lyrics 
9. Hidden <   lyrics 
10. Wheel of change   lyrics 
11. Holding my heart   lyrics 


1990 "Not with the weapon" produced by Steve Thompson

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